About Me

Hello! I'm Katie.

I am a DC native living in the Philly/South NJ area. As an artist, everything in my life reflects my artwork. In a way, art is how I voice my values, ideals and experiences. I am able to find myself in art. The choice and arrangement of color, texture, value and line movement are very important to me because they facilitate in setting the mood in my work. These are not the only elements that are vital to the design of my art, but as well as the research I prepare before every piece. The exploration varies from historical and social context to personal experiences, which builds more substance into my work.

Currently, I am a freelance artist and a graphic designer at Dynamite, a comic book publishing house. I have been designing and screen printing images for local bands as well as exhibiting my artwork. I have also been collaborating on Dirty Diamonds Comic Anthology, where I have contributed my writing and illustration skills for my comic submission. I have even been drawing sketch covers on a variety of iconic comic book characters and creating illustrations for conventions.